The 5-Step Strategy Health Practitioners Must Use, to Maximise their Earnings, Without Compromising Their Integrity!
(even if they’ve been trying to make that their reality for years)
In this Masterclass, you’ll discover:

A Step-by-Step Business Gameplan that Health & Wellness Practitioners can use to free up their time and increase their earning potential doing exactly what they LOVE - helping people!


The ONE thing that will reduce the percentage of no-shows and less committed clients and instead book more appointments with those who are ready to invest and FULLY commit to the results they desire.


The Smart, yet Simple Method they can use to control the type of people enquiring about their services, so they don’t waste time on emails and phone calls with people who are just not serious.

About Dr. Tilean
Dr. Tilean is an Internationally recognised Psychologist and Behaviour Change Expert who helps vision-led entrepreneurs be soul-nourished and profitable in their business and their life.

She holds a Professional Doctorate degree in Psychology, a Master of Science degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science honours degree in Psychology, as well as a Diploma in Professional Development on Counselling Skills and Perspectives.

She's Chartered with the British Psychological Society and registered with the Health Care Professions Council, and has featured in Thrive Global, The British Medical Journal, The Evening Standard, and Red Magazine (to name a few).
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